Thursday, January 19, 2012

Books I'm Dying to Read: March edition

Here are some March reads that I simply can't wait to get my hands on....
Perception: I simple adored Clarity. I can't wait to find out what happens next to Clare. Goodreads - out March 1st

Spell Bound: I'm on the edge of my seat waiting to read what happens next after Demon Glass. But while I can't wait, I don't want to story to end either. Goodreads - out March 13th

Out of Sight, Out of Time: I love the Gallagher Girls series. I'm sad this is the end of the series, but I can't wait to uncover all the answers from Cammie's past. Goodreads - out March 13th

Pretty Crooked: I'm actually reading this one right now thanks to Netgalley and it's awesome. Willa's attending a private school for the first time and she turns into a modern day Robin Hood by taking items from the rich students and giving them to the scholarship students. It's also the first in a new series. Goodreads - out March 13th

The Dead of Night: I'm addicted to the spin-off series of Cahill vs Vespers - The Vespers have made impossible demands and now in addition to the kidnapped family members, they've taken Dan's young friend hostage as well. Goodreads - out March 6th

Storm Runners: Eruption - This is the 3rd book in this fast paced trilogy with lots of adventure, danger, and survival from weather related disasters by any means necessary. Goodreads - out March 1st
Buried: a spin-off of The Seer featuring Thorn - the goth girl with powers to locate lost items. Add in one huge secret, a hot boy, and a potential murder. Goodreads - out March 8th.

Mastermind Plot: The 2nd book after The Midnight Tunnel where Zanna gets to go to Boston to visit. Her Uncle - who solves mysteries, isn't happy to have her there. Will Zanna stick her nose into his current case? Goodreads - Out March 1st

Temptation of Angels: I read and adored is about a girl who wakes up in the middle of the night to have her entire world changed. Her parents die. Her house burns down. She's alone and headed for a stranger's house. There she uncovers the truth about her life and the training she's been undergoing without realizing it. Goodreads -out March 20th

Soul Bound: the latest in the Blood Coven series that puts Rayne against her twin sister Sunny. Goodreads - out March 6th

Seeing Cinderella: a tween read about a girl who must get glasses. She's unhappy to have them until she discovers she can read people's minds with them. Can she use the glasses to change her life? Goodreads - out March 20th

Walled Flower: The 2nd in the Victorian Square mystery series. Kate's late husband invested all their money into a different project. She can only watch as another couple buys the bed and breakfast she longed to own. When they discover a skeleton in the wall, maybe it's for the best. Goodreads - (oops this one is out in February)

Buried in Buttercream: The last Savannah Reid mystery ended on a sweet note after a VERY serious incident. I'm dying to see how that changes the series. Just as a wedding day arrives, so does the murder of the hated wedding planner. Goodreads - out March 31st

Cinnamon Roll Murder: I adore this series. Murder at the weekend's Jazz festival - but Hannah's on the case. Goodreads - out March 1st

Rainshadow Road: I can't wait for this trilogy! I'm a huge fan of Lisa Kleypas. I really loved the first introduction to Friday Harbor with Christmas Eve at Friday Harbor. I can't wait to go back and read more! Lucy's boyfriend dumps her for her younger sister, but he also tries to play matchmaker for Lucy. Could that be trouble? Goodreads - out February 28th (close enough)

A Rogue by Any Other Name: I can't wait for the 1st of this new series. I adore Sarah Maclean's other novels. Penelope's new husband might be just the thing to shake up he quiet little life. Goodreads - out February 28th (close enough)

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Nicole said...

I still need to read Demonglass. Hehe. And I'm excited for Maclean's new series! (Though I have to finish her old one. Damn time constraints.)