Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tween Tuesday Reivew: My Fake Boyfriend's Better than Yours

Tori's worried about the first day of 7th grade. Usually, she and her best friend Sienna have planned their outfit for ages. Tori's not even sure if her BFF is talking to her.

Sienna's family suddenly turn wealthy. They went away on vacation for the summer. Sienna started writing Tori emails, but all of sudden, the emails stopped.

Tori's hesitant to go talk to Sienna when she spies her at school. Sienna's talking to a bunch of popular girls. Tori heads over to join their group.

She finds a huge surprise. Sienna's talking about her wonderful vacation and her new cute boyfriend. As time goes on, Tori's tired of hearing about Sienna's boyfriend. Before she realizes what happened, Tori's made up a boyfriend of her own. A boyfriend that manages to top whatever cute thing Sienna's boyfriend just did.

There's just one problem. A dance is coming up - one that both boyfriends have been invited to attend. What will happen when Tori's "boyfriend" doesn't appear?

My Thoughts: A cute book about middle school, first boyfriends, and the dramas of friendships. I liked the secondary girl characters - whom Tori great to become friends with. I liked the relationship that Tori has with her father. I love how the two girls grow apart but find a way to talk about their differences.

Cover Thoughts: I like the toy look. it's pretty funny.

Source: Inter-Library Loan

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