Saturday, January 21, 2012

Mysterious Saturday Review: Affairs of Steak

In a joint effort with Peter Sargeant, Olivia begins work on a birthday party for the Secretary of State. The First Lady has high hopes that the party will smooth over relations between the two political parties.

Things take a wrong turn when upon checking out the party venues, Olivia and Peter come across two bodies. Both have been murdered and both have connections to the White House.

Olivia heads home, but immediately becomes suspicious of two individuals. Before she knows it, she's swept into more drama. She's happy to get home and relax.

However, she won't be relaxing for long. With the murder of the First Lady's staff, Olivia and Peter become the official party planners. They must coordinate everything while dealing with suspicious family members, meddling co-workers, a chatty self-absorbed usher, and White House politics.

Will the murders ruin the party?

My Thoughts: I adore this series! I love the glimpse of the inner workings of the White House. I love the cooking and the food prep in the kitchen. I liked the potential romance between Olivia and Gav. I thought her dealings with Tom were amusing. I found Peter both highly annoying and amusing. I can't wait to see all these relationships develop more. This is one of my favorite mystery series and I can't wait to devour more!

Cover Thoughts: Cute, I love the shadow

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