Saturday, January 7, 2012

Mysterious Saturday Review: Cocoa Conspiracy

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Lady Arianna's searching for gift for her new husband. She comes across a beautiful book -a rare volume of botanical engravings. However, the book has caught someone else's eye as well. After a bit of scuffle, Lady Arianna escapes the shop victorious. However, she's quite surprised to the villain at a house party soon after.

She's even more surprised when upon the wrapping of the book, she discovers traitorous documents inside. The Countess of Saybrook alerts her husband to her discovery. The knowledge of a family member implicated makes matter much worse.

However, Saybrook's honor forces them to relate the matter to Lord Grentham, who harbors a personal grudge against the couple. In fact he just found Saybrook, wounded and standing over the body of a man with his throat cut open. Against their better judgement, the couple agrees to travel to Vienna under the guise of research during the peace talks that will hopefully stop a war. But someone is quite determined to start a war. They must discover who it is and stop him.

My Thoughts: I love this series! I love the bits of historical information pertaining to chocolate. I love Lady Arianna for her sharp tongue, her unusual past, her determination, and her strength. I love watching her relationship with Saybrook unfold. While their marriage was a matter of convenience, they care about each other. However, they're still working on trusting each other. The action, the danger, and the near death situations make for tense moments between the couple. I can't wait to read more of this duo!

Cover Thoughts: Charming

Source: Inter-Library Loaned

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