Friday, January 13, 2012

Review: Every Other Day

Kali is your average 16 year old girl - every other day. She goes to school, deals with a father she doesn't know how to talk to, and tries to stay invisible.

At a pep rally, she's befriended by Skyler. Her entire life changes because of that one meeting. She joins Skyler at lunch, meeting her brother and his girlfriend Bethany. Bethany's a cheerleader and scoffs at Kali. Kali gives her plenty of snark and attitude in return.

Things change when Kali spies a mark on Bethany. She knows the mark means that Bethany will soon die. She knows because on the days when she's not human, Kali hunts demon creatures.

So she does what any normal demon-hunting person would do. She coaxes the chupacabra to transfer itself into her body, hoping to live until dawn when she's not quite human again and her body can kill it.

However, things don't go exactly to plan. Both Bethany and Skyler become involved. The plan becomes more than just trying to stay alive. It becomes trying to figure out how Bethany became infected. It becomes a plan to bring justice, thwart rogue scientists, and maybe make a friend or two in the process.

My Thoughts: This book was so addictive, I was grumpy every time I had to put it down and do something else. I loved the danger, the snark, the three girls butting into each other's lives, the voice in Kali's head, Skyler and her brothers, and the toughness of Kali. I loved the Darwin twist.I was a bit squeamish reading the demon hunting scenes. The ending killed me. I wish this wasn't a stand alone novel.

I adore Jennifer Lynn Barnes: she's sweet, funny, and writes amazing books. I love how all her books have a tough feisty female lead. I love how the main character always battles something supernatural and something internal.

Cover Thoughts: It's pretty cool

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Jessica said...

I'm so excited to read this one! I didn't realize it was a standalone...