Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Review: Little Women and Me

When Emily's assigned to change one thing about a classic novel, she decides upon Little Women. Except she can't think of just one thing to change.

She'd save Beth (who wouldn't?). She'd make sure that Jo and Laurie end up together (that's where they belong). Before Emily can decide which major change to make, she's sucked into the novel.

She appears in the attic with the March sisters. Emily's the 5th March sister, and of course, still the middle sister. At first she's desperately unhappy, but she realizes that she can change the book from the inside.

She wouldn't mind kissing Laurie. She wants to keep Beth away from the Hummel family. She begins to desperately want to fit into the march family. Will Emily change the outcome too much? And how will she return to her own time?

My Thoughts: Loved the idea of this book. I'm a huge fan of Little Women and those two parts to the story always bugged me too. I like how closely it followed the book, but how things slightly changed with Emily's appearance. I LOVED the twist at the end. While I liked the book, there were times when I didn't like Emily. I think I just didn't connect with her. While I don't think you have to have read Little Women, it's much more enjoyable with knowledge of the story.

Cover Thoughts: I like how she's breaking out of the book.

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Jessica said...

I'm intrigued to read this eventually. I loved Little Women in my teen years, so I'd be super curious to see how she affects things...

LAH said...

Oh, I would definitely try to make Jo and Laurie end up together! No... wait... I would probably try to steal him from both Jo and Amy. I'd be a terror of a sister.

This book sounds like a lot of fun. I've been getting more into YA fiction... sometimes all this literary stuff just makes me want to stay in bed. YA is so much more spirited!