Thursday, January 5, 2012

Adult Review: Drink Deep

Something is destroying Chicago and the humans are blaming the vampires. Merit's still struggling with her personal grief, but it's time to put it aside as best she can and help out her house.

Lake Michigan turned black. It's become a magical void - all the energy is being sucked out of the area. She teams up with Jonah from the Gray House and her potential partner for the Red Guard to discover who's behind this latest magical attack.. As Merit and Jonah attempt to track down the culprit, things for Chicago get worse - much worse.

Merit's stuck playing politics with the city in trying to uncover the answer, but she's also playing politics within her house. Frank Cabot's out to determine the shape of the Cadogan House. Merit spends her night ducking his authority while trying to solve this magical mystery.

Can Merit perform her duty for her house while attempting to play by the rules?

My Thoughts: I was devastated at the end of the last book and was so curious to read more of this fantastic series. I must say while I liked half the ending, the other half devastated me. I adore this series. I love Merit for her strength, her snark, and her loyalty. I really liked watching the House politics play out - while being annoyed at Frank Cabot the whole time. I liked the magical elements changing the city. I liked the bigger role Lindsey played and can't wait to see more of their friendship. I felt this book brought Merit into her own, she's more confident in her abilities and she's not going to back down from a fight. She's going to be smart and maybe a little sneaky about her choices, but overall they are her choices. She's doing what's best for her house. Chloe Neill's taking a page out of GRRM's books and throwing her readers into emotional turmoil - which proves how deeply we care about her characters.

Cover Thoughts: Fierce

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