Saturday, July 3, 2010

Mysterious Saturday Review: Farm Fresh Murder

Becca's twin sister calls her own morning and begs her to come to work on her day off. Leaving her jam on the stove, Becca rushes over. She realizes someone's been murdered at the farm market.

Straight away, her friend becomes the main suspect. Almost immediately, he goes into hiding after talking with the police. Becca wants to talk with him - to help him clear his name. She hitches a ride to his house to search for clues to his disappearance, where she finds the murder weapon just as the police arrive.

Becca digs a little deeper into the death, discovering more stone walls than she imagines. People don't like her poking her nose into their business. For the most part, people keep to themselves at the market. But Becca's determined to uncover the truth. Will she uncover something more sinister than she ever imagined?

My Thoughts: The first in a new series complete with recipes! This series boats a fresh setting for a fun mystery - with a little romance, a lot of suspects, and plenty of secrets.

The Cover: Eye catching and very different

Source: My Library

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