Friday, July 9, 2010

Adult Review: Finishing Touches

Betsy's adopted mother just died -leaving behind an outdated finishing school. A finishing school that's been in the family for ages and has been the best school for debutantes before marriage. Now, Betsy's father asks her to have a look at the school's troubling finances and to recommend some changes.

for the past seven years, Betsy has been living a lie in Scotland. Everyone believes she's a hot shot financial whiz, helping businesses overcome financial difficulties. In reality, she manages a show store and makes significant and innovative ideas. She can't disappoint her adopted father.

She rearranges her life and comes back to England for a few weeks to sort out the school. Betsy realizes the school's in greater trouble than she believed. She also meets the students and knows they aren't to sort of girls from the past. However, the studies haven't been updated to fit their needs. It's no wonder there's so few students who aren't interested in the lessons.

When her best friend suddenly is short on funds, Betsy helps her out. Her friend, used to having money, doesn't know how to do anything properly. That's when Betsy comes up with brilliant idea of tossing out the finishing school and modernizing it to accommodate the average woman needing advice/knowledge on everyday situations from banking and finances, to dumping boyfriends, to fashion tips. She has one shot at making this work. Will she fall flat on her heels or will her ideas soar?

My Thoughts: I loved the author's previous Little Lady series, so I was SO happy to discover she had something new out. A very cute book - filled with family ties, friendship, business ideas, a little romance, and a lot of humor.

Cover: I like the pearls, but I'm not crazy about the figures at the bottom of the book

Source: Inter Library Loan

Read-alike author: Sophie Kinsella

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