Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Review: This is Me from Now On

Evie doesn't know what to think of the slightly crazy girl who moved next door. Francesca doesn't live by rules and she has ideas on how to live large and spontaneously. Evie keeps trying to reign in her new friend, who keeps trying to liven up Evie's life.

Evie's two best friends aren't happy with the idea of Evie and Francesca walking to school together instead of doing the traditional first day of school routine. They are even unhappier when Evie and Francesca pair up for a school project. Soon after, Evie, Nisha, and Lily stop talking.

They fight over Evie's time spent with Francesca and secrets shared. Evie's tired of them giving advice about her life. She doesn't know what to do about her crush on Zane. She can't help the partnership with Francesca, which includes spending time together. She can't help she and Francesca are caught up in the this ultra-secret plan involving two of their teachers. Evie certainly can't help straighten out this fight if her two friends only want to talk at a certain time, when she can't talk.

Evie's not sure what to do, but she knows that something must change and get her out of her rut.

My Thoughts: A cute tween novel about friendships, jealousy, life rules and balance. I liked loved the spirit of Francesca - her crazy outfits and the way she turned her nose up at rules. I liked how she wasn't driven by school work or friendships, but by her own ideas. Parts of this book were sad and touching, while other parts were laugh out loud funny and sweet.

The Cover: Doesn't tell you much of the book from the photo, but it's a cute.

Source: Barbara Dee (author)


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I liked this book too.

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