Saturday, July 31, 2010

Mysterious Saturday Review: Killer Plot

Olivia Limoges returns to her former home with her trust companion - her black poodle Captain. She's attempting to write a novel. At breakfast in the local diner one morning, she overhears a writer's group critiquing a chapter. Persuaded into joining by a charming stranger, Olivia hopes they might be able to help cure her writer's block.

Just as she's getting familiar with the group and letting herself open up to them, the man who convinced her to join the group ends up dead. Above his murdered body rests a haiku. As Olivia and the group stumble across the body, they have two reasons for wanting the murdered found and they're willing to help the police accomplish their goal.

Could his murder have something to do with his writing of a celebrity family? When the same family is behind the proposed building project for the town, Olivia suspects there might be a connection. Now, she's looking for someone with a motive connected with the building project and with poetic talents. Could she discover the murderer before s/he comes after her for nosing around?

My Thoughts: I quite enjoyed this new series and getting to know the town. I loved hearing about the new bookstore. It's such a quaint town, I feel as if I've been there walking the streets. I did guess at the murderer's identity - but not the reasons behind the murder. Still, this is an enjoyable read and I look forward to more in the series.

The Cover: Cute!

Title: I love it!

Source: Inter-Library Loaned


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