Monday, July 19, 2010

Review from Gimme a Call

Devi hates her senior year. In fact, she wishes that she could re-do her whole high school experience. When a freak phone accident occurs, she finds herself talking to her younger self. Now, she can tell her fourteen-year-old self all the things to fix before she ruins her life, starting with not dating her ex-boyfriend.

Devi spent so much time with him and neglected her friends and her school work. When they break up, she has nothing left. That's all about to change.

She doesn't have to go on that first date. She can spend more time with her friends. She can study for her classes and join in extracurricular activities to impress colleges.

Freshman Devi tries to improve their life - but she's stuck with all the work while senior Devi enjoys the benefits. For senior Devi, life's changing quickly. She can't keep up with the changes and, worst of all, she has no memories of the new photos in her room or the changes in her life and those she loves.

The more they change, the more they both ask the question: Is it better to know the future?

My thoughts: Changing the future is an intriguing concept that works beautifully in Sarah Mlynowski's new novel. It begs the reader to ask the question of their life - what would you change? I love the hope and the determination of both Devis, and how they want to make the future brighter for themselves. At the same time, they both work to find that balance that makes life livable.

The Cover: I really like it, although I wish the phone was a bit bigger. You can read about how the cover changed at Melissa Walker's awesome cover story here.

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The idea of this plot is so cool.