Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Spotted: Spy Glass and Outside In

If you read this blog, you know I ADORE Marie V. Snyder. I briefly got to meet her at BEA this year, which was awesome. Here's her next two books, both of which I can't WAIT to read!

I'm super excited for the final installment of the glass trilogy which comes out September 1st. Isn't the cover gorgeous?

You can read the first chapter here!

Also, here's the cover for Outside in, the 2nd book from her YA series. This one comes out in March of next year. The first book was amazing - so very different from her adult books and set in a very creative science fiction world.

I'm loving both of these covers!


prophecygirl said...

I love both those covers!

Jessica said...

I love the covers of her glass series. This one is just amazing. I just want to hold a copy in my hands every time I see it!