Thursday, July 1, 2010

Review: First Strike

From their last dangerous encounter a few weeks ago, Jade and Rich have been invited to the White House for a small party. However, before the head for the States, an old friend needs help.

The Chinese government's dealing with a rogue radical party that demands recognition. They'll stop at nothing to get their hands on nuclear weapons.

Chance, Rich, and Jade must travel to China to stop them. They barely escape with the knowledge that the rebels won't get their hands on the warheads. Unfortunately for them, that was plan A.

Plan B comes at them full force when Rich and Jade travel to the States alone and attend the White House party. Once the President arrives at the party , chaos ensues. It becomes clear that this group has friends in high places and they want both the President and his nuclear launch codes. They want to attack the Chinese government in a First Strike. With tensions already high between the two countries, this will almost certainly lead to WWIII.

With most of the secret service members killed protecting the President, things look very grim for those on the inside. Will Rich and Jade become hostages or will they outsmart the rebels?

My Thoughts: I love this series - I love the action, the danger, the thrills, and the sibling dynamic. They're amazingly fun reads that I devour each time a new one comes out. I hand SURE FIRE out all time at the library. It's a great series for boys.

The Cover: Very attractive - but I don't remember Jade and Rich on the tank.

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These are definitely one of the series that I hand out the most to boys, too! It's almost like watching a movie when you read them.