Thursday, July 15, 2010

Review: Middleworld

Max can't believe it when his parents bail on him and their vacation to Italy to go back to Central America for their work. He's furious. He doesn't say goodbye when his parents leave. When the housekeeper gives him a plane ticket and instructions to follow his parents, he doesn't question her orders.

Now after a horrific journey, he's in Central America with his uncle whom he's never met. He learns that his parents have vanished into thin air. His uncle maybe smuggling genuine Mayan artifacts to other dealers. There's a dangerous man who wants one of the most precious Mayan artifacts - a Jaguar stone.

There are five stones and they are very powerful and very dangerous in the wrong hands. Max doesn't want them to fall in the wrong hands. He spies two monkeys carrying out the case with the stone inside. He tries to warn his uncle, but discovers he's locked inside his room. Furious, Max decides to follow the monkeys and attempt to recover the stones.

It doesn't take him long to become lost, hungry, and realizing the jungle is a dangerous place. When he meets a girl in the jungle, will he trust her enough to let her lead him out of the jungle? Will Max disappear like his parents, before he can return the stones without anyone using their power?

My Thoughts: I loved the blend of history with fantasy with action. It's a great story - perfect for book clubs. I have no doubt tweens/teens will gobble up this cross over tale.

The Cover: I LOVE this cover - it speaks volumes about the action and it's very eye-catching

Source: sent for review by Goodman Media

Fun Fact: There are amazing illustrations in the book by Jon Voelkel

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