Saturday, July 24, 2010

Mysterious Saturday Review: Don of the Dead

Pepper took the only job she could find after her father went to jail and her fiancee dumped her - a tour guide for a cemetery.

After falling and hitting her head on a grave stone, she began seeing one man who looked like he belonged in the past.

Gus Scarpetti, a wise guy from 30 years ago won't leave her alone. He wants her to solve his unsolved murder so he can move on. At first, Pepper thinks she's hallucinating. Then she decides to ignore him. Finally, after he wrecks havoc in her life, she agrees to strike a deal with him.

She'll work on his cold case for a fee. Pepper isn't sure where to turn as she knows next to nothing about the case. She has dinner at the restaurant where he was gunned down outside. She talks to the old cook who's retiring. She visits the museum to discover more information. Finally, she goes to the sources, the survivors of that night and Gus's family. Pepper's sticking her nose into a "family" that do not take kindly to meddlesome people.

Will she be able to help Gus before someone decides she's learning too much about the family?

My Thoughts: First in a series that's clever, witty, and amusing. Pepper leaps off the page with her large personality. Gus remains old fashioned in his deadly ways - clever, cunning, and smart. I look forward to reading more in the series.

Cover: Dark and spooky - fits the book perfectly.

Source: Inter-library loan


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I haven't seen this before. Thanks for blogging about it. I like stumbling on new titles.

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