Thursday, July 8, 2010

Review: Theodore Boone Kid Lawyer

Theodore Boone wants to be a lawyer- just like both his parents. He goes to their law office every day after school and hangs around the courts. He knows everyone there but most of all, he knows about the law. He's already helping classmates in need of advice.

When a murder takes place in their usually sleepy town, Theodore can't wait to watch the trial. He scored seats for his government class for the first day of the week long trial. Theodore would rather be in court than in school bored to tears. He races to the courthouse after school to watch the last bit for the day.

He never imagines that he'd end up caught in the middle of the trial, but when a friend comes to him for help, his knowledge could change everything. Promising not to share the information, his friend tells him a story about his cousin (an illegal). His cousin saw the man go into his house at the time of the murder. He's scared to talk with the police and doesn't want to come forward. Theodore doesn't know what to do, but he doesn't want to a man to walk free when he committed the crime. Can he figure out something to stop the trial in time and to help his friends?

My Thoughts: Grisham's first delve into teen lit -and it was interesting. There was some action, a hero, and a bit of danger. I'm hoping this is the start of a series because it ended openly. I look forward to more from Theodore. I love Grisham's adult novels, although I have read the last several.

The Cover: I don't think the court house in the town is that big - but it's interesting

Source: my library.


LM Preston said...

I love Grisham also and was wondering how this one was going to be. I'm looking forward to the release and can't wait to read it.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you reviewed this. I keep meaning to pick it up, but I've been busy finishing up on the Airhead series (any thoughts on those, btw?) I definitely gotta pick up the Kid Lawyer.