Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Movie Review: Eclipse

Eclipse was my favorite book of the series.
It's where I became a strong TEAM JACOB fan.
I loved the triangle as Bella was forced to look seriously at her life and decide.

ECLIPSE was the first movie of the series I didn't see at midnight.

I liked it much better than the previous two movies.

Things I Loved:

I can't say enough about him. He's a comic relief character and he's absolutely perfect. I adored the scene where he tries having "the talk" with Bella.

She's my favorite Cullen. I loved the fight scene between her and Jasper. I also loved watching her have visions.
I Love Dakota Fanning. She's amazingly creepy and scary.

Jacob and Bella.
I love how Bella needs to spend time with him before the change. I love how Jacob is too stubborn to leave her alone and how he fights for her. I love the tent scene. I just wish it ended better for them.

The flashbacks.
I liked seeing the other stories of becoming vampires

The ending.
I love how Bella explains her choice (even though I don't like her choice). It's poetic and sweet.

Things I didn't like:

Edward - not a big fan of the character
Starting the movies in fields of flowers
Still some cheesy lines

Things that could have been better:

Fight scene: it was so built up, but it barely lasted any time at all. Also I don't remember the vampires shattering before - maybe I'd forgotten that detail. I wish the fight had gotten a little more screen time. Jacob was the only one hurt - but that seems a little strange given the intensity of the newborn vampires and the training sessions.

More of human Bella's friends: I felt we didn't see Jessica and company too much. I really love her character and wish she had a few more scenes.


Rebs @ Book-Rants said...

I love Jessica in the movies. I almost think I could do without Edward and Bella and just have some Jessica and Jacob!

LM Preston said...

I can't wait to take my daughter to see this. I'll be posting a review of the movie also. My daughter didn't read the books but loves the movies.

Unknown said...

Eclipse was also my fave book and now movie. I agree we needed way more time with the friends! I was wondering about that shattering part too. Don't think it happened. My fave part was the beginning with Riley. It seemed that the new peeps became vamps quickly - bite then scream then vamp! How did Edward ever save Bella? I also didnt like the play up of Bree. Other than that - funny and hokey!

Ryan Monson said...
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Ryan Monson said...

This was easily the best book because it was the only one with a logical plot that worked through the entire book. Book 2 especially had a plot with Jacob, then needed to move to Edward so it changed into a different book for the last 50 pages. She basically said, you wasted your time for 300 pages here is the only part that matters.

The shattering was bad. Nobody got hurt other than Jacob because nobody in the book got hurt either. Meyers was unwilling to sacrifice any characters because she was all about the love story (this was the only action scene she actually wrote in any of the 4 books, yep, 4 books about vampires, werewolves, and fighing with 1 action scene total) and didn't consider the utter obsurdity of battling 20 super vampires without a single injury.