Friday, August 7, 2020

Movie Review: The Last Dance

I confess that I didn't know too much about Michael Jordan before watching this. I didn't start really watching basketball until my 20s. And then it was all about Paul Pierce and the Celtics.

I knew that he:
* Had been cut from his high school team
* Went to North Carolina
* Played for the Chicago Bulls
* Played with Scottie Pippen
* Won a bunch of games and several championships
* Wore Hanes (which wasn't even in the series)

I did not know that:
* He went 3rd in the overall draft
* Had a terrible relationship with the team management
* Scottie Pippen was so good and so underpaid
* The Michael Rules
* The Management broke up the team
* Other players on the team
* How MJ made up stories in his mind to fuel his fire
* How badly MJ needed to win all the time - no matter the cost

I really really enjoyed this series. I learned so much about basketball and the players, coaches, and management. Because I didn't know most of the stories, I was on edge for a lot of the series. A fantastic series to binge!

I do wish there had been a little bit more at the end of what happened to the key people. I know there was that snippet - but I wanted more.

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