Thursday, August 27, 2020

Review: Nikki on the Line

Nikki on the Line
Nikki's excited to play basketball for an elite club team. It's the team that will make or break her basketball career. She's not afraid to work for it. This team will help her make the basketball team in high school and hopefully beyond.

She's thrilled to discover that she's made the team, but as time goes on everything changes. She's no longer a point guard but she's never been a shooting guard. Most of the girls are taller and faster than her. When she overhear some nasty comments made about her by a parent, she begins to doubt herself.

That doubt grows and multiples with each mistake that she makes (and she makes a bunch). Nikki's struggling at everything - her basketball, finding her place on the team, friendships, school work, and taking care of her little brother. Can she dig deep and rediscover her confidence?
My Thoughts: I really enjoyed this book - mostly for the basketball but there is a lot of other good moments. I loved Nikki's work ethic and how she wanted so hard to do her best. I loved the basketball moments - even though they were intense. I felt bad for Nikki and how money became an issue for her and her family. But I admired her solution. And I really did love the moments between Nikki and her brother. The bits about her mother and her reading habits amused me. I loved her moments with Booker. I found it interesting that they bonded over hardships in the family life - things they didn't want all the students to know about. A great book about basketball - but also about friendship drama, new friendships, family, and dreams.

Cover Thoughts: Great
Source: My Library
Library Recommendation: Another great middle grade sports book for school and public libraries - highly recommended. 

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