Saturday, August 29, 2020

TV Series Review: Diary of a Future President

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I found out about this Disney+ Show while watching Disney Insider (which is also really great!)

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Which is also super good and interesting. When they talked about this show created by Ilana Peña and led by a all women creative team, I knew I had to watch it.

Gina Rodriguez appears in the very beginning as the President. (How cool is that?) 
I was hoping there would be a little more back and forth between the future and the present.

However, the present is fantastic. I loved the cast of characters.
I loved how everyone struggled with romance or friendship or family - but how they all came together and relied on each other.

There is a lot of feelings here. 
Also a lot of diversity which is great. And lots of inclusivity. 
There's LGBT moments - questioning your feelings and sharing those feelings with the world.

There are also bullies (it is middle school after all). 

I loved the teasing moments between the family.

This is a sweet family drama about the beginning steps of Elena as she becomes a leader. Of course she struggles and makes mistakes and put things back to right.

It's funny and sweet and real.

I'm so happy this has been renewed because I want more of all these characters.

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