Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Picture Book Review: Back to School Books (part 1)

I've read a few back to school books this year - some sent for review from publishers and some purchased for the library.  Some old books and some new books. This will be in two parts.

Take Your Pet to School Day
Take Your Pet to School:
The pets are lonely when the kids go to school; they want to go too. The snaky pets get their wish and of course, it's a disaster.  This book was funny with cute illustrations.

Click, Clack, Quack to School!
Click Clack Quack for School: 
The animals are invited to school. but are surprised when they're told to behave. Rules are rules (and are made to be broken). A fun addition to this series.

Clothesline Clues to the First Day of School
Clothesline Clues to the First Day of School:
Who will the students meet on the first day of school? A fun introduction to people at the schools. The range is great and the cast is diverse. I'm a little sad there's no school librarian though. 

Come Sit with Me: Making Friends on the Buddy Bench
Come Sit with Me:
Students in this book can't decide how to paint the new buddy bench for the playground. I love how they used everyone's idea.  This diverse story shares a great message about being kind and using everyone's idea. I loved the bright colors and art ideas shared. I also loved that it included a history of the buddy bench.

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I'm Feeling School Bus Yellow:
A bus shaped board book that shares colors and feelings about school. Of course I loved the library scene the best. A great story to use to talk about emotions and the love for school with fun illustrations. 

Fresh Princess: Style Rules!
Style Rules:
Destiny recently moved and is starting a new school. But it's bigger than she imagined and the uniforms are so plain. She's worried that she'll get lost in the crowd until she has a brilliant idea and starts a revolution. I love the book's message about being yourself and being creative and thinking outside the book. Great illustration makes this book stand out. 
(This is the second book in this series)

Amelia Bedelia Gets the Picture (I Can Read Level 1)
Amelia Bedelia Gets the Picture:
Picture day is ruined when the photographer is sick and cancels. But Amelia Bedelia has an idea to save everything. This quirky girl is one of my favorite characters; I'm always happy to read a new book featuring her.

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