Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Top Ten Tuesday: Questions for Authors

This week's topic is 10 questions to ask any author. Of course I would go back in time to speak with Jane Austen! I have so many questions for her!

Top Things to do in Bath if you love Jane Austen
photo credit: https://www.migratingmiss.com/top-things-bath-love-jane-austen/
1. Did she really hate Bath?

2. Did she instruct Cassandra to burn her letters upon her death?

3. Why? (or maybe the better question is) What was in the letters?

4. I don't have a specific question, but I'd love to talk with her about her writing - her process, her style, and what she really thought of her characters.

5. In her wildest dreams, did she ever imagine people would be reading her work 200 years later.

6. How did she imagine her unfinished work would end?

7. Did she have a favorite book that she had written?

8. Did she have a favorite book that she read?

9. What was her deepest darkest secret?

10. Where you she most like to travel if money was no object?

What would you ask Jane Austen?


Lydia said...

Jane Austen has been a popular choice this week. Good questions!

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Michael @ The Book Lovers' Sanctuary said...

Great list - love some Jane Austen though I am possibly more a Northanger Abbey than a Pride and Prejudice kind of guy! I'd love to know what she thinks of today's society and whether the role of women has changed in those 200 years!

This is this week's TTT if you want to check out my questions!

Deanna @ A Novel Glimpse said...

Jan Austen's a popular lady today! I wish she could answer your questions for you!


Susan said...

I've seen several "interviews" with Jane Austen today. It would be interesting to know all her secrets!

Happy TTT!


bookworm said...

I'd love to know her favorite books to read. Great questions!