Friday, August 31, 2012

Adult Review: Inn at Rose Harbor

* start of a new series which takes place in Cedar Cove, after that series *

Jo Marie lost her husband in a helicopter accident in Afghanistan. They weren't married that long, but his death left a huge whole in her life. She didn't want to stay in her house.

Jo Marie found the perfect bed and breakfast for sale. Before she knew it, she was the new owner. From the moment she stepped foot in it, it just felt right. Now she hopes to make other people feel that same sense of belonging.

Her first two guests seem to come with baggage of their own. Josh came back to town to deal with the upcoming death of his stepfather - the man who threw him out of his house. He's never dealt with his anger against the man and it call comes rushing back to him. Angie hasn't been back home since the tragedy years ago when a car accident took the life of her best friend. She's buried herself with guilt since that night and barely allowed herself to breathe. Can these two guest comes to terms with their past and find peace at the Inn at Rose Harbor?

My Thoughts: I adored the Cedar Cove series and I'm so happy to see favorite characters popping up in this new series. It's like visiting with old friends. I enjoyed getting to know Jo Marie. I like watching her healing process and learning more about her past life. I loved reading the details about her purchasing the inn, getting it ready, and running the inn.  I loved Rover and how Jo Marie found him. I can't wait to read more of their adventures. Both Josh and Angie had such sad stories, but I liked reading about how they each confronted their past. My heart broke of each of these characters, but I admired their strength and their courage. I'm so looking forward to more guests at the inn and reading more about one of my favorite fictional towns.

Cover Thoughts: Perfect
Source: My Library

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