Sunday, August 26, 2012

Adult Review: Dream Lake

* Book 3 in the Friday Harbor series*

Zoe's been hurt in the past by a long list of people, including her father but most recently her ex-husband. She's not looking for romance, she's simply happy and content with her life.

But romance comes in the form of grumpy Alex Nolan. He had a horrific childhood and an even worse marriage. He doesn't believe that he should be happy. He drank to numb his pain, but is just realize the depths of his drinking issues. As he tries to dry out, a ghost enters his life.

The ghost won't or can't leave him alone. The ghost can't remember much about his former life expect in bits and pieces. He knows that he's tied to Alex and might be responsible for helping him.
Can the three of them find peace and happiness together in Friday Harbor?

My Thoughts: I love the Friday Harbor series - romance with a little bit of magic all wrapped up in a good story. I love reading about the Nolan brothers. I love the dreamy atmosphere, I want to live in Friday Harbor. I love how protective Alex feels of Zoe. I like how he warns her off him, but can't stop hanging out with her. I really enjoyed the moments between Zoe and her grandmother. I reminded me of the moments between myself and my grandmother. I bet she would have liked this book too and I wish she was still alive so we could talk about it together over a cup of hot chocolate. Friday Harbor books feel like you're enveloped in your grandmother's love and drinking the best hot chocolate, it's rich, sweet, and charming.

Cover Thoughts: Gorgeous, but it isn't how I imagined Zoe
Source: My Library

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