Monday, August 20, 2012

Review: Blazing the Trail

 * Book 3 in the Dragon Diaries series*

Zoe's torn between the two guys in her life. Jared's older and isn't in contact with her. She feels a huge spark whenever she's near him. Then there's Derek. He's a werewolf shifter who wants to turn their friendship into something more.He wants to take Zoe to the Valentine Dance.

Zoe doesn't want to lose him and while Jared has her heart, she really likes Derek. Before she can determine the next step in her love life, her dreams force her to take a deep look at the future.

Her dreams lead her to believe that the victory over the Mages will be short lived. They might have a way to Nightshade - the powerful knife. They want to kill all the young shifters  - the ones who are following Zoe into battle.

Will disagreements about plan and the future tear apart their fragile alliance? Is the future coming sooner than people believe?  Can Zoe and her friends beat impossible odds again?

My Thoughts: I really enjoy this series for the action, the danger, and the romance. I like the tension between Zoe and her high school classmates. I love her dragon friends. I liked seeing more of Jessica in this installment. I love Zoe's strength and her loyalty. I like how she attempts to figure out her dreams, which are cryptic. I can't wait to see what happens next to these characters as the battle for their lives.

Cover Thoughts: I like the green mist and smoke
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