Friday, August 10, 2012

Review: Endlessly

 *3rd and final book in the trilogy*

Evie learns that the paranormals expect her to create a gate through which they can leave the human world forever. Evie's not sure she has the ability nor the desire to create the gate.

Not all the paranormals want to leave -including the Dark Queen. When she kidnaps Evie's boyfriend, Evie snaps into action. She teams up with Reth and Jack to travel to the faerie world.

What she sees in the faerie world greatly disturbs her. With great difficulty, she rescues Lend and returns home. However, there's a curse on Lend; he and Evie can't be in the same room without him falling into a deep sleep.

With time running out, she makes her decision. Can she save the life she so desperately desires? 

My Thoughts: I BLEEPING love this series. I love Evie - for her fashion sense, her snark, and her loyalty. I really like her relationship with Lend - they're perfect together.  I really enjoy the banter between Evie and Reth and Evie and Jack - it's snark, funny, and charming. I like how Evie desires a normal life, filled with everyday teenage emotions and ideas - like lockers and dances. She wants to fit in both worlds, but she desperately wants to be normal. Her quirks made me laugh. She would be great to hang out with! While I'm sad the series ended, I thought the ending was perfect.

Cover Thoughts: Gorgeous!
Source: my Library

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