Friday, August 3, 2012

review: Origin

Pia's an immortal. She's the work of five generations of scientists in the Little Cam compound. She's been raised to become a scientist and follow their teachings to create a new race.  As soon as she’s old enough, she’ll learn the secrets of Little Cam

On the eve of her 17th birthday, she comes across a hole in the fence. The call of the forest is powerful and even though she's never been outside the compound, Pia's curious.

During her quick time of freedom, she meets Eio, a handsome boy who makes her question her world, her life, and her dreams. Are the scientists of Little Cam great gods or are their secrets horrific?

My Thoughts: I adore this debut novel; it sucked me in and wouldn't let me go. I find myself still thinking about it. I enjoyed learning the secrets of Little Cam along with Pia. I liked watching her struggle between the two worlds, questioning her beliefs. I loved the romance with Eio and the time they spent together. I really loved the jungle setting, it made my imagination fly. I hope there's more of this story coming. I'm very anxious to see what Jessica Khoury will write next.

Cover Thoughts: I really love it - especially after reading it.
Source: Reviewed for VOYA.

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