Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Top Ten Bookish Confessions

I saw this yesterday as a
post and LOVED the idea. Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by Broke and Bookish and looks super fun. I think
I'm going to start participating in this meme. So even though I'm a day late to the party, here's my confessions:

1. I'm a horrible library patron, even though I'm a librarian. I hoard books - I usually have 20-40 books checked out and another 20 books on hold. There's no way I can read them all at the same time, but I NEED them!

2. I have a hard time finishing series that I love: Percy Jackson and Secrets of the Immortal Life of Nicholas Flamel are two big ones. Mostly I think I just don't want to books to end and if I don't finish them, they'll never end. Strange I know. Plus now I think I have to re-read the previous books because I've forgotten the details. It's hard for me to re-read books because there are so many that I need to read.

3. I like my books pristine - I don't crack the covers. I don't dog ear the pages. I don't leave them upside down for a moment. I don't use the books as a surface when I need something to write on. I hate it when others treat my books this way (This includes the library books in the YA collection - even though those books aren't technically mine)

4. I'm such a nerd that sometimes I use a bookmark that corresponds with the book I'm reading - pizza for a book about baking or romance bookmark for the latest regency romance I'm reading

5. I read widely - from pictures books to adult books. And I have a goal of 365 books/year. This year, I'm about 7 books behind my goal.

6. I usually only review books that I like - thus most of reviews contain LOVE. People have told me that I use love to much to describe books - but I can't help it, I do love books!

7. I no longer feel bad about not finishing a book. I used to make myself finish everything, but there are too many books that I want to read to waste time on ones that aren't for me. In fact, I just stopped reading one this morning.

8. I have a ton of books that I've purchased that I haven't read yet

9. I'll never read all the books I want to read and this saddens me, but I'm going try!

10. My home library is set up in categories - often with my favorite books at the top of the bookcase.


Anonymous said...

Great list. I like my book pristine too. No dog ears or cracks or anything like that. I rarely lend books for this reason. :)

melissa @ 1lbr said...

I wish I could keep my books pristine, but I tend to break spines or spill things on them (or drop them in the bath - eek!) Totally with you on #7 and #9.

Mary said...

Concerning number 2: YES! I feel the exact same way about not wanting to finish the really good books and stalling, lol. Glad I'm not the only one. :)