Thursday, August 30, 2012

Teen Review Thursday

Here's the last edition of what teens in Norwich, CT have been reading this summer.
 I hope that you enjoyed our series.

This is me from now on
I really enjoyed the way the main character transferred from an uptight person to a mellow person because of her new friend Francesca. I would definitely recommend this book.

Doctor Who: Sting of the Zygons
Its 1909 and another adventure for Doctor and Martha. Strange people, cows, and an old enemy of the Doctor's who might just surprise you. a compelling read for anyone who likes a good sy-fy story.

Don't judge a girl by her cover
I thought this book was a great development from the previous books in the series. It led the series into a great twist and included more information about the main character's past yet it also included more unsolved mysterious. This book is a fun and easy read for the summer.

I really enjoyed how he managed to survive all on his own. Well not really he also had his hatchet. There were some moments where I was like whats going to happen. For example when he drinks the water from the the lake he got really sick.

Just Ella
Shun Yi
Just Ella by Margaret Peterson Haddix is the retell of Cinderella with a twist. I liked it, because, instead of showing Cinderella as a helpless, poor girl who's always put down by her step-evils and was finally aided by her fairy godmother to the ball, Just Ella portraits Ella, a girl who’s not afraid to stand up to her stepmother, who’s very intelligent, and who saved herself at the end by taking control of her own destiny.

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