Saturday, August 18, 2012

Adult Review: Catching Fireflies

*book 9 in the Steel Magnolia series*

High school teacher Laura Reed notices that one of students has been skipping class. She's almost positive that something serious is happening in Misty's life. When she tries to connect with the teen, Misty bolts.

Misty's trying to find a solution to a very bad bullying situation. When she attempts to get a doctor's note for school, he forces her to share her thoughts with an adult. He threatens to tell her parents if she doesn't. Misty's parents are going through a divorce. Her mother's in her world world of deny and heartache and her father's never home.

Misty shares a small portion on the truth with Miss Reed. It's enough to make Miss Reed even more concerned. Misty doesn't reveal the name of her bully. Miss Reed contacts Dr J.C. Fullerton once Misty admits that he's forcing her to say something. Together the two of them vow to make things right for Misty again. Can they stop the bullying before it destroys her?

My Thoughts: This is a heartbreaking novel, but a very important novel. I think it's the perfect read for mothers and daughters in high school. My heart broke for Misty and all her troubles. I admired her strength. I admired Katie for standing up for her friend and standing by her.  I liked how the teachers came together to help solve the problem, instead of ignoring the issue.

The romance was cute, I liked the banter between J.C. and Laura. I liked how neither of them wanted a relationship, but fell into it anyways. The gossips among town always makes me laugh. The small town feel reminds me of Stars Hollow.

As usual with this series, I couldn't put this book down!

Cover Thoughts: Pretty
Source: Netgalley

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Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

I'm jotting this down. I've been looking for some good novels on bullying that I can share with some of my high school students.