Monday, August 13, 2012

Review: Girl in the Steel Corset

Finley Jayne isn't normal; she has something dark inside her. Something that lets her heal faster. Something that lets her use more strength than she should possess. Something that gets her into trouble at times.

When the son of her employer starts to make moves on her, she rebuffs him once. When he keeps pushing the issue, she knocks him unconscious.  She flees the scene, knowing that she'll never get a reference.

As she's running down the street, she comes in contact with a vehicle. Griffin King is behind the wheel and the Duke takes her in. He can see the darkness within her, but he's not scared. He's the leader of a band of misfits and he thinks Finley will fit in perfectly.

Plus, he's in danger himself. Someone and something is coming after him. Griffin will need everyone around him to help him. There's something about Finley's eyes, something he can't turn away from.Could he be able to help her?

My Thoughts: I devoured this book, hungry for more. I hope there's plenty planned in this series. I just adored the steampunk angle. I love Victorian London. The setting was perfect. The machines fit in perfectly with the story, allowing for a fantastic blend of history and science fiction.
I enjoyed the two sides of Finely - the normal side and the side where she doesn't take crap from anyone. Griffin is the perfect male hero, dark and brooding but sweet. I adored Emily. I liked her tentative friendship with Finely. I admired her brains and her mechanical abilities. I liked Sam, but it did take me some time to come around to him. I liked Jasper.  I came to love this band of misfits and I can't wait to read many more books in this series!

Cover Thoughts: Gorgeous!
Source: my friend Jess from I Read to Relax - thanks Jess!

Fun Fact: Kady Cross is coming to my library TODAY! I'm super excited!!

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