Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tween Tuesday Review: Bliss

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Rose's parents own a bakery. It's not an ordinary bakery. They follow recipes from the Bliss Cookery Booke - which includes magical ingredients. The recipes are written in story format. Best of all, the goodies make people happy.

Rose's excited at the idea of baking with magic. When will her parents allow her to really help in the family business? She's getting tired of waiting. 

Then her parents are called away on an important mission. They give Rose a key to secret room, where they keep the cookbook. Rose is under strict instructions NOT to use the book. She promises, but things get out of hand when Aunt Lily appears.

Rose has never heard of Aunt Lily, but soon she becomes part of the family.  Rose's brothers want to experiment with the book. They convince Rose to copy out a few recipes and try them. The results are a disaster. Each recipe they try, they just make it worse. Can they fix things before their parents come home?

My Thoughts: A magical bakery = sold. I loved this idea and really enjoyed reading this one. I loved the magical elements to the story - the secret ingredients, the secret rooms, the cookbook made from stories. I enjoyed the squabbling between Rose and her brothers, but liked how they pulled together. The small town feel of the this book made it more delightful. Everyone knew everyone's business, which made their bad behavior more amusing.  I loved the descriptions of the librarians fighting, the girls going crazy over Ty, and the disco party.  I'm so interested to see where this series will continue after the cliff hanger ending!

Cover Thoughts: Great, it made me want to read the book. Plus I love the wrap around cover!
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