Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Books I'm Dying to Read: October Edition

There's lots of great books coming out in October! Here are the one's I can't wait to read:

After: 19 stories of Apocalypse and Dystopia - Sounds awesome and the stories are by killer writers!
Promised: I really liked the first book. I need to read book 2 and quickly before this trilogy ends!

Poison Princess: Action, Tarot Cards, and Romance - sounds like a great blend to me!
Crewel: She made a mistake and now she's going on the run to avoid becoming a Spinster!

Break My Heart 1000 Times: Dan's a local author and his new books sounds like a creepy ghost story
This is Not a Drill:  Two teens must protect a classroom of kids when a hostage situation goes out of control.

Winter White: Sequel to Belles - I read this one early and I LOVED it! It was perfect :)
Venom: I just love the cover of this one! Murder, secret societies, and Renaissance Italy = Sold!

What Happens at Christmas: An adult Christmas romance with lost love and a crazy family!

Double Vision: Alex Rider meets the Da Vinci Code = Sold! I love the idea of this combination
Iron Hearted Violet: The story about a clever Princess, the last dragon, and one enchanted tale.
Keeper of Lost Cities: I just started reading this one - and it's really interested. It's about one girl discovering who she really is and uncover secrets of the world.

Breathe: 3 teens try to survive above ground, with a couple days worth of manufactured oxygen
Stealing Parker: Loved Catching Jordan - so looking forward to reading about Parker and trying to deal with her mother's scandal and how that changes her life.

Amber House: A treasure hunt filled with family secrets - plus isn't the cover gorgeous?
Torn Wing: Sequel to the awesome Faerie Ring
Fangirl: Rock Star /Normal girl romance written by an E correspondent = makes me intrigued

Wish You Were Eyre: I thought the last book was the end of the series - I'm happy there's more!
Cloak Society: Elite supervillians

Magical Mayhem: Short Stories from great authors


YA Sleuth said...

Thanks for the mention of Double Vision :-)

And I want to read all of these... I may have to take October off just to catch up on my reading.

GreenBeanTeenQueen said...

Such pretty covers!! I love them!