Sunday, August 19, 2012

CT Author Trail: Kady Cross

The Otis Library has been participating in the Connecticut Author Trail since it started 4 years ago. This year, Kady Cross was our author. 

Kady writes three different types of books with three different publishers. She uses different voices for each name, which allows her to write for different ages, without worrying that fans will find her older books.  She also writes under Kate Cross and Kate Locke.

With Harlequin Teen, she writes under Kady Cross. (Reviews of Girl in the Steel Corset and Girl in a Clockwork Collar).  She hopes the Steampunk Chronciles will have 5 books in the series. The next book will be about Emily, with her on the cover and maybe we her robot cat! I can't wait to see that cover (and of course read the book!) She uses a book on Victorian inventions and her husband (a science buff) for ideas on how to incorporate technology into this fabulous series.

She grew up in Nova Scotia, out in the middle of nowhere. A bookmobile would come around, which was fabulous. Bags of books were brought home and devoured.

Kady knew she liked writing when she was 8 and her teacher read her story aloud to her classmates. Everyone laughed in all the right spots and she thought, I could get used to this. Kady started writing her first romance at the age of 10, which was set in the deep south. She used to write stories for her classmates for their required silent reading period during school hours.

In her mid 20s, she quit her job and went back to school. Her boyfriend (now husband) encouraged her to write a book. When she finished it, she sent it to 4 publishing houses. Avon offered her a two book deal.

It was a GREAT night filled with lots of laughter and fun!

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Jessica said...

Wish I could have been there...sounds like it was a great event!

Julie said...

It looks like a great night!