Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tween Tuesday Review: Comeback

 * Book 15 in the Canterwood Crest series*
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Lauren and Khloe have been having doubts about their relationship. They've both gone to their mutual friend Lexa for advice. Lexa makes them sit in a room and share their feelings. She's not letting them out until they solve their issues. Lauren and Khloe start talking, seriously talking about the things that hurt them and explanations of their past events. Together they make sense of the situation and swear not to jump to conclusions and jeopardize their friendship again.
Now, Lauren needs to start focusing on the upcoming show. Now that she has her school work under control and her friendships sorted out, she needs to spend quality time with Whisper.  Will she and Whisper be ready for their first event together?

My Thoughts: I'm addicted to this series. I love the moments between Whisper and Lauren. I really like reading about their time together before class. I enjoy reading about the classes. It makes me want to go horseback riding myself! I find their time together fascinating. 
I love the friendship drama and seeing the girls become closer. I like the moments between Drew and Lauren - they're sweet. I'm happy to see Lauren regaining her confidence and taking a new stand at what it means to compete with horses.

Cover Thoughts: Fabulous (as always)
Source: My Library

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GreenBeanTeenQueen said...

The idea of combining tween drama with horses is brilliant! This series is popular at my library