Saturday, September 1, 2012

Mysterious Saturday Review: Appetite for Murder

 Hayley's life changed when she found her boyfriend in bed with another woman - the same woman who could be her new boss. Hayley desperately wants to be the food critic for a new magazine in Key West.

Unfortunately, the week her application's due, Kristen winds up dead. The police visit her that afternoon with questions about her whereabouts for the morning. Hayley was at her current address (her college friend's houseboat) the entire time. Unfortunately, she didn't talk or see anyone. Thus making her the prime suspect in the murder.

Now she must finish her application, get her name back on the list after learning Kirsten deleted her, and find out what really happened to Kristen.
My Thoughts: A great first novel in a new series. I loved the setting of Key West and the laid back pace of life. I really liked reading about Hayley critiquing food and trying different dishes at various types of restaurants. I found her housing situation unique, which kicked my imagination into gear. I liked Hayley's quirky obsession with having her cards read. I loved how her two best friends were both in Key West and her relationship with them. I hated her ex-boyfriend, but the scenes with him were amusing.  I'm looking forward to reading more in this series.

Cover Thoughts: Charming
Source: my Library

Fun Fact: The author will be at a local bookstore RJ Julia's next week chatting about Death in Four Courses, her new book and the next book out in the series. I can't wait to attend!

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