Saturday, September 22, 2012

Mysterious Saturday Review: Powered Peril

 * Donut Shop Mystery Series #8 *

Suzanne arrives at work one morning to discover paint splatter across the front of Donut Hearts.  Before long the police Chief enters her shop. He's not there for donuts and he's not there about the paint. He's there about a murder.

Peter has been murdered. Suzanne's invited along with the Chief to her best friend's house. She must stay in the car while he gathers first impressions while telling her her boyfriend is dead. Grace is a suspect. 

Suzanne knows her best friend would never kill anyone, even in a fit of rage. Grace wants to get closure on Peter's death so she can move on. 

My Thoughts: I never liked Peter, but I was suspected by his actions and his conduct. I was also surprised by Suzanne - she seemed overly pushy to me in asking questions. Granted, the suspects weren't easy people to talk to, but there were times when I felt bad for them.  While I like the new position for George, I missed him in the sleuthing portion of the story. 
Still, I devoured this book, like I have all the other books in the series. I love watching Grace and Suzanne together. I love reading about Suzanne in action at her store, I always crave donuts while reading this series.  I'm interested to see where the future's going within the shop. 

Cover Thoughts: Awesome!
Source: my Library

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