Saturday, September 29, 2012

Mysterious Saturday Review: Frozen Heat

*4th book in the Heat series*

When a murder happens early one morning, everything changes. At the scene, Nikki Heat recognizes the suitcase the victim lies in. It's the suitcase that was stolen from the apartment the night her mother was murdered.

Now, years later, she believes the murders are connected. She's never heard of the deceased woman, but she's determined to find out the connection between her and her mother. Rock attempts to help by rehashing her mother's death. Nikki has no desire to relive the past, but as Rook prods her, she relents.

Together they dig up some clues. As they keep digging, they uncover hidden life of Nikki's mom. Will Nikki finally know what happened that night and who's reponsbile? 

My Thoughts: I LOVE this series. I'm a HUGE Castle fan and these books are on my automatic to read pile.  I love how similar and yet wildly different the books are to the characters on the TV show. Obviously it's not the same characters, but key plot points are similar. I love how Rook tries to make Nikki laugh at traumatic moments. I love his geekiness and hit wit. I love their banter. There's deep emotions running through this book. It's personal. I love uncovering the secrets of Nikki's mother's life. I liked how Rook and Nikki traveled to uncover answers that no one asked before. I love the combination of Roach. I like how the police force is very different from the TV show, but with similar players. An emotional roller coaster ride of action, danger, and death.

Cover Thoughts: Fun - but I'm not sure it would grab my attention if I didn't know about the series.
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