Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tween Tuesday Review:Girl Games

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Artemis is so excited. Since the girls were not allowed to compete in the Olympic Games, they're hosting their own special games. The Girl Games are here!  Artemis has many last minute tasks to complete before the competition can start and she wants to make sure these games are perfect!

The visiting athletes are here to win, even going so far as to taunt their competition. The Goddess Girls need to bring their A games to these Olympics. However, thoughts about boys, feuding over a kitten, and getting into trouble with Zeus all hinder their training. Will the Girl Games come together at the last moment and will the Goddess Girls medal?

My Thoughts: The first super special and the first book in the series with multiple perspectives. I loved seeing the viewpoints of all the goddess girls. Of course, I LOVE the idea of the Girl Games. The goddess boys were very supportive helping the girls train, as the girls helped them train. I liked the girl touches to the games - the pink sand and the stuffed animals for the relay baton. These little touches helped make the games unique and girly. I loved the celebration of girls and sports as well as the combination of athletics and girly. 

Cover Thoughts: I like it!
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