Thursday, September 6, 2012

Author Event @ RJ Julia's: Lucy Burdette

Last night I went to see Lucy Burdette at one of my favorite bookstores. There were lots of people there. As Lucy talked, we laughed. I just read her first book in the series Appetite for Murder.We've been talking on twitter and I was so happy to meet her! 

The second book, Death in Four Courses, just came out yesterday. I'm so looking forward to reading it.

Don't you just love the cover?  Her friend took the photo that inspired it!

Ten Things I learned Last Night:
1. All the restaurants in the books are real
2. Except for one in book 3 - where Hayley's forced to write a negative review 
3. Lucy Burdette is a pen name, which comes from her grandmother's name
4. Books in the front of big bookstores windows (like B&N) have been paid to put there! (I found this fascinating)
5. Lucy lives part of the winter months in Key West - and loves it there (which shines through in her book)
6. Reviewers found Hayley dumb - which means she has plenty of time to grow up. I didn't find her dumb. I thought she didn't have a sense of direction until she found her passion.
7. For her first book series - golf mysteries, Lucy paid her entire book advance to join a golf tournament and to take a look behind the scenes. 
8. Her golf game isn't very good.
9. She helps spread the love of cozy mysteries.
10. Topped Chef is the title of the 3rd book, which she wanted to name Fatal Reservations but her editor LOVED this title. 

Here the podium

And check out this cake!!!!

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