Monday, September 3, 2012

Review: Ruby Red

For sixteen years, Gwen's always lived in the shadow of her cousin. Charlotte's the chosen one, the one in the family who will inherit the time-travel gene. The girl who will fulfill the prophecy.

Except, Gwen realizes that there's been an error. She's the one with the gene. She's the one who time-traveled. At first, she doesn't think anyone will believe her. She hasn't spent in life in lessons. She doesn't know about the past.

When her mother takes her to the society, she has to force them to listen to her. When Gwen time travels in front of them, they have no choice but to believe her. Gwen hopes that she's learn finally learn the family secrets that she's heard whispers about her whole life.

She's not prepared to travel back in time and fight for her life. Someone doesn't want the prophecy fulfilled. Gwen doesn't know who she can trust. Can she trust her time traveling partner, the handsome Gideon? She hopes she can figure everything out before the next attempt on her life.

My Thoughts: I liked this beginning of a new series. I liked Gwen's experiences with time travel before she told her mother. I adored her best friend Lesley and her research to help Gwen. I liked the snarky moments between Gwen and Gideon. I loved Aunt Maddy and admired Gwen's mom. I felt a little sorry for Charlotte, who's trained her whole life for....nothing. While I like unraveling the mystery with Gwen,  I wish a little more had been explained. I must read the next book Sapphire Blue out at the end of October to uncover more of the secrets behind the prophecy. 

Cover Thoughts: I love the paperback cover. The hardback cover didn't do anything for me.
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Fun Fact: I read this book for a post on Time Travel for The Hub. That post will be up later this week.

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