Friday, September 28, 2012

Adult Review: Fool For Love

 *A Cupcake Lovers Novel*

Chloe Madison graduated with honors from the Culinary Arts Institute on the same day her boyfriend tells her he's leaving her. He's been cheating on her, but didn't want to tell her and stress her out before her exams. With two years of her life wasted on him, Chloe has no idea what to do.

Her best friend invites her for a visit to Vermont. Before long, Chloe packs up her things and heads for Sugar Creek. There she takes a job as a cook/chauffeur for an older woman who's family worries about her. Daisy and Chloe get on amazingly well, they both have a devilish outlook on life.

However, Devin, Daisy's grandson isn't too keen on Chloe. He also can't stop thinking about her. As they banter back and forth, everyone in town realizes what they don't; sparks fly when they look at each other.

My Thoughts: I ADORED this novel and from the tagline, I'm hoping there's more coming. First, it's set in Vermont - which is where I grew up. So I loved all the Vermont quirks - the muddy roads, the flannel, the maple syrup, and the small town charm. 
Second a group of women (with one male addition) come together to talk about cupcakes each week. Who doesn't like cupcakes? The club has a unique history. Now they want to put together a book with their history and cupcake recipes.  
I really liked Chloe - she's feisty, sweet, loyal, and witty. She fit into town perfectly, even though she's barely spent time there. 
I liked Devin - how he tried to control everything and how that backfired on him. I adored his family. They were loud, secretive, and charming. 
I loved Daisy for her sense of humor and her quest for freedom. She's be fun to hang out with. 
All in all a charming story and I hope there's more about this small town and about the Monroe family. 

Cover Thoughts: Perfect - the cover sold me on this book
Source: My Library

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