Friday, September 21, 2012

Review: Courtship and Curses

 * prequel to the Bewitching Season and the Betraying Season *

As Sophie makes her debut into society, it isn't everything she hoped it would be. Her mother isn't here to guide her through society. She never thought her sickness would create a deformed leg.  She certainly never imagined that she would need to regain her magical skills lost during her sickness to save her family and friends from accidents.

These accidents are triggered by magic. As more and more accidents occur at social events, Sophie becomes curious. She notices that all the targets seem to work in the War Office. Could someone be trying to make things worse between England and France?

Sophie confides her secret in her new friend, who happens to be the cousin of the man she admires. Can Sophie trust her new friends enough to confide in her own powers? She'll have to figure out something if she wants to save members of the War Office, including her father's!

My Thoughts: I really love this series - for the time period (I'm a sucker for Regency England), the magic, and the mystery. Although I didn't like the reactions from society members, I loved reading about Sophie's debut. I liked watching Amelie smooth over her entrance to society with beautiful dresses instead of the boring subdued colors her aunt wanted to wear and the festive canes that didn't hide her deformed leg.  I really enjoyed Parthenope with her bubbly nature, her determination, and her sense of loyalty. I found her amusing. I liked how Sophie didn't give up when everything seemed impossible and how she blossomed under the friendships in society. I liked her how her magical abilities failed, but worked at times. 

I would have liked the see this book connected with the previous two books about magical twins at the time of their debut. For me, having read those books when they first came out, it hard connecting character wise.

Cover Thoughts: I like the soft purple, but it doesn't match with the review two covers who used models, still it's a very nice cover.
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