Thursday, September 20, 2012

Review: Shatterproof

 * book 4 in the Cahill vs Vespers series*

Dan and Amy are still at Vesper One's beck and call. This time they're on a mission to Berlin to steal the Golden Jubilee diamond, part of a visiting exhibit from Thailand. The security surrounding the diamond is almost impossible to break, as the Cahills and their companions find out.

The appear to accomplish their task, which baffles them.  There's too much interference with the Vesper team. Vesper One isn't happy with Amy and Dan from their previous actions. Could he be mad enough to hurt one of the hostages? Amy and Dan will have to walk a very fine line to keep him happy and to figure out the rest of his time sensitive clues

My Thoughts: Roland Smith is an excellent addition to this team. I love the action, the drama, and the danger of this series. I love never knowing exactly who Amy and Dan can trust. I love the relationship between Amy and Dan - their bantering, their arguments, and their love for each other. These books leave me on the edge of my seat and eager for the next book in the series.

I love the time in Timbuktu, especially the moments in the library. I love learning about other libraries. I found the scrolls fascinating. I liked the perspectives of the hostages and how they used the most of their time. I like that readers get glimpses of them. Mostly I love traveling around the world with Cahills learning about different cultures, people, artifacts, and history. 

Cover Thoughts: Cool!
Source: My Library
Fun Fact: This is Roland Smith's first book for the 39 Clues series. He wrote the action packed Storm Runners series (which is now on our Middle School Summer reading list - along with the 39 Clues series)

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