Monday, October 1, 2012

Books within Books

As a Teen Librarian, I'm a huge book nerd. I love books and I read a huge variety of books. I have my favorite types of books - for all ages. I adore Fancy Nancy and princess tales. I love pictures books about dragons, probably dating back to a special book There's No Such Thing As Dragons from my childhood. I love Regency Romances and Cozy Mysteries. I love teen books: romance, mysteries, thrillers, spy novels, and high fantasy. There are so many aspects to a great book, but nothing makes me happier than reading a book with a great library scene or a scene talking about other favorite books. 

I love the library from Grimm Legacy - it's such a unique collection. I would adore borrowing magical fairy tale items. In the Mythos Academy series, Gwen works in the library. It's a library of antiquities, which also is the home of magical items and artifacts. Her relationship with the head librarian, her boss, is rocky at best. 

I just finished the Darkest Minds, where two characters talk about Watership Down. I've never read that book, but I appreciate it. I bet other readers might take a closer look and consider reading it. The Mother-Daughter Book Club series features a book in each new addition to the series. They've covered Little Women, Anne of Green Gables, Daddy Long Legs, Pride and Prejudice, and the Betsy-Tacy series. Their latest book will feature Jane EyreA Canterwood Crest novel mentions Lauren Barnholdt's book Fake Me a Match.
In Forever Princess, Mia talks about writing a romance novel entitled Ransom My Heart, which readers can read. The byline reads by Princess of Genovia Mia Thermopolis with help from Meg Cabot. Several books came from the Harry Potter series – Tales of Beedle the Bard and informational books on quidditch and fantastical beasts.
One adult mystery series kills off the town librarian in Tempest in the Tea Leaves (Fortune Teller Series #1) by Kari Lee Townsend. She comes to Sunny to have her fortune told and is murdered within the hour.
Another cozy mystery series features the librarian as the amateur sleuth. The first book, Books Can Be Deceiving, the children’s librarian is accused of murdering her boyfriend, a famous children’s author. The new director of the library decides to look into the murder to save her friend. Lindsey connects townspeople with the books they read, which I found fascinating.
Do you like it when books mention other books? Do you think it will date the books? As a book lover, I quite enjoy it, but I also wonder does it make you pick up the book it talked about? I read Daddy Long Legs after reading one of The Mother-Daughter Book Club series books. I started the Betsy-Tacy series, but never quite got into it. I think I need to give it another chance, because I keep hearing people talk about it.
Does a book or author featured in a book make you want to take a closer look at that book/author?


Jessica said...

I'm so glad you picked up Daddy Long-Legs! That was one of my favorite books growing up and I had no idea it was featured in one of the book club books, lol! I love when books mention other books. I don't always go right out and read them, but I always look them up at least if they were not already on my radar....

Unknown said...

If a story mentions another book, especially one I had never heard of, I will go and check out what it's about, but that doesn't mean I will always read it.

Unknown said...

I usually read YA books, mostly because I read whatever my kids are reading. My daughter is reading a great book right now that I can't wait to get my hands on when she's done. It's called "Through Angel's Eyes" by Steve Theunissen, you can check it out and get it right off the website Thanks for the post!