Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Happy Hauntings! 

If you're in need a few witchy ghosty books check out these:


Monster Mash:  Awesome illustrations join this fun song.

Witch Way to Witch School: Magic combined with school. This one resembles Madeline.

Monster's Monster: A cute story about three monsters who hope to create the biggest baddest monster, but...things don't work out just right.


Witches: A childhood favorite

Wait til Helen Comes: Another childhood favorite - creepy!

Dying to Meet You:  Humorous fun ghostly tale 

Dial-a-Ghost: More fun than scary, but there are some gruesome bits!

Ghost Huntress: Spooky series about one girl coming to terms with her abilities. She starts ghost hunting with her friends.

Salem Witch Tryouts: Not spooky - but tons of fun. Cheerleading with Magic and trying to fit into a world where magic rules  and you don't!

Mediator series: One girl can see ghosts - most of the time she helps them or kicks their butts to make them cross over - except for that one dreamy boy. 

Bras and Broomsticks: Imagine your sister getting witch powers while it passes you by!

Sweep series: This is ONE of my favorite witch series - lots of danger, action, and romance.


It Takes A Witch: Darcy learns of her family heritage - wish crafters. She moves to a witchy town....and gets involved in solving a murder.

Don of the Dead: Pepper faints, cracks her head, and suddenly she can communicate with the dead - or at least a dead mobster who wants revenge.

Veiled Deception: Maddie comes home to stay - while opening a shop and helping her sister get married. Her vintage clothing knowledge helps her get her store in order - but she can also feel the past from the clothes.

Trouble with Magic: Maggie's new boss is amazing, but when Maggie finds out about her Wiccan beliefs, she's not so sure anymore. Then Felicity is questioned for murder.

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