Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Books I'm Dying to Read: December Edition

Besides holiday romances, which I adore this time of year, these are books I'm most looking forward to reading in December. 

Falling Kingdoms: This one looks great. Four teens locked in a power struggle that will forever change the kingdoms. - I got an ARC at BEA and really need to sit down and read it!
Darkest Minds: I got this at BEA too and it's amazingly good! It's a dystopian story with violence, heartbreak, courage, and a little romance.

Scent of Magic: I adore Maria V. Snyder and LOVED A Touch of Power. I can't wait to continue the story!
Crimson Frost: I love this series for the danger, the action, the mythology, the library, and of course, the romance.

Illegally Iced: I really enjoy this cozy mystery series featuring the donut shop. This new installment looks like Suzanne and her business might be in real trouble.
Book, Line, and Sinker: I love this library mystery series where pirate treasure might be buried in this sleepy New England town.

Pandora the Curious: I adore this tween series about the Goddess Girls for the friendships. I'm excited to branch out to the other girls of the school.
Who Needs Love: I loved Elise Primavera's previous books (Auntie Claus especially). This looks super cute!

Recipe for Treason: I really enjoy these chocolate mysteries set in the Regency era. This one takes place in Scotland.
Killer Maize: Becca runs into her ex-husband and murder becomes a hot topic. I enjoy these farmer's market mysteries, but this one looks like it should have come out this month as it's a fall book.

Fonduing Fathers: I LOVE this series and can't wait to read more about Olivia's past.
Panic Button: I have a fondness for buttons, making this series charming for me.

Bewitched, Bothered, and Biscotti: I enjoyed the first book in this new series about Katie discovering her witchy ties and helping her family open a bakery. Looking forward to learning more about both.
Holiday Buzz: I'm a sucker for this coffeehouse mystery series and this one revolves around murdering of bakers during the holiday season.


LinWash said...

I'm wondering about Falling Kingdoms as well. It has such a great premise.

Jessica said...

I just got the eARC of Scent of Magic and I can't wait to jump into it! Loved the first one!!