Friday, October 19, 2012

Review: Cold Fury

Sara Jane comes from an Italian family full of secrets.It isn't until her parents and her brother goes missing after her grandparents die that she figures out the truth. Her family's part of the mob.

Her uncle and his wife wanted more of the family business. Sara Jane suspects her uncle of taking her family. Men are coming after her, wanting the family notebook. A notebook she never knew existed, but a notebook she must find if she wants to survive.

Now Sara Jane's gone into hiding to try to figure everything out. A handful of clues lead her to discover a world hidden right under everyone's nose. Determination and the Cold Fury that runs through her veins are the only things keeping her alive.

My Thoughts: It took me a couple chapters but then I was hooked! One of my favorite books is The Godfather. Sara Jane's story reeled me in and I'm so happy it's the first of a new series. I loved watching Sara Jane figure out the mysteries within her family. I loved watching her fight the bad guys and tame the guys in the mob. I liked her interactions with her two friends and their love for movies. Lots of action, lots of danger, and lots of fights make this debut heart pounding and almost impossible to put down. 

Cover Thoughts: Interesting
Source: Sent for review by the author

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