Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tween Tuesday Review: Spy Princess

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Lady Lilah lives the life of a princess, but it's not the life she wants. Lilah craves adventure. She rustles up some boy clothing and leaves her normal quiet life for a night.

There in the village, she finds a moment of freedom. The freedom calls to her. However, in order to assume her new identity, she must make choices. The townspeople are unhappy with the King. They want to rebel against him.

Lilah notices her own brother is in league with the leader of the rebellion. Soon Lilah will be forced to make choices of her own. Will she join the rebels against her own family? Would she be able to share her true identity among her new friends? Would she resort to violence?
The rebellion comes sooner than expected and nothing goes as planned. Will Lady Lilah be able to help or will she be stuck on the sidelines?

My Thoughts: The title and the cover caught my eye. I love stories about Princesses and spies. Even better if the spy is a princess. Lilah intrigued me, Her life wasn't perfect. She didn't like her uncle, the King. However, it wasn't until she needed an adventure that she begin to understand the plight of the common good. At first, it was about escape and freedom. Soon it became more about what's best for the common good. In a world of upheaval, it's hard for kids to make a difference. I thoroughly enjoyed the first part of the book and the third part. I had mixed feelings about the second part of the book - where magic came into play. While I liked the spy games, I disliked the magical elements, even though they were necessary. I didn't mind the mages, but the flying seemed strange and out of place. I wonder from the second Princess in hiding if there's a sequel in the works. Still I think tweens looking for an adventure story with a little magic, plenty of action, and lots of fun will enjoy this read.

Cover Thoughts: Perfect
Source: my Library


GreenBeanTeenQueen said...

This looks awesome! Thank you for posting about it-I hadn't heard of it and it's going into my TBR pile!

LinWash said...

Love the premise! I'll add this to my list as well.